Borja Miguel Peñuelas Morales
Hardware and Firmware FPGA Design Engineer - Defense at INDRA
Madrid Area, Spain | Defense and Space

Electronics Design Engineer for high-performance systems. Ensuring the highest throughput and reliability standards are met in complex Defense systems such as 3D RADAR, and Medical devices that require Life-Critical operation.

Given how intimately related hardware and firmware are, especially when aiming for the highest performance, I'm involved in the design of both: Hardware Systems (including FPGA / SoC / High-Speed AD-DA Converters), and the HDL Firmware stack to be run on them (signal digitalization, processing, custom Redundant Fiber Optics Communications Network).

Digital system-level architectural design, integrating FPGA Firmware and Embedded C++ software for full-cycle RADAR operation. RADAR systems are extremely demanding in terms of high-throughput data conversion and low-latency processing. We work with the very latest technology, even using engineering sample parts not yet available to the general public (mainly Xilinx, Altera).

From my reliability-critical design approach, several strong points can be leveraged at company-wide level: Redundant hardware systems, Safe and pipelined parallel firmware design guidelines, Architectural and RTL coding structures, Safety/Security-critical embedded software coding guidelines + MISRA, CERT standards. Embedded C mostly in Real Time systems (bare-metal ARM / RTOS), where several additional design principles apply.

Verification methodologies are crucial to ensure these quality standards are met. In addition to using common methodologies like UVM, I have developed custom tools based on Python / TCL to enable verification and also enable cross-language and firmware+software automatically verifiable simulations.

I complement my technical expertise with strong management training to enable better collaboration and product development. Agile methodologies, Scrum management, and Design thinking are some of the techniques that allow me to solve problems efficiently and nurture an enjoyable work environment.

FPGA Firmware and Hardware for RADAR (2014 - Present)
Privately Held, 10001+, Servicios y tecnología de la información

- High-Speed RF AD/DA converter mixed signal Hardware Design. Signal integrity, pSPICE simulation, Electromagnetic Compatibility and Susceptibility.
- Power Supply Design, analog and digitally controlled DC/DC, grounding, current return path optimization, isolation and filtering.
- PCB layout and routing for enhanced EMC, low clock skew, equalization. High aspect ratio, buried/back-drilled vias, material stack FR4 + Rogers, Rigiflex...
- Production Acceptance Tests, test software, automated test-bench.

- FPGA Firmware Design for high-throughput, low-latency RADAR applications.
- Design of a custom Redundant Fiber Optics Communications Network to provide Fault-Tolerant operation in a phased-array RADAR system.
- Signal converters Front-end for High-Speed ADC/DAC and signal processing including up/down-conversion.
- Software multiprocessor boards interfacing and communications (PCIe, Aurora...).
- High-throughput processing, RADAR process parallelization and pipelining. FPGA architectural design, cross-domain multirate design.
- Verification methodologies for HDL, custom tools for cross-language simulation, integration with software processes, test-bench randomization and self-verification, hardware-on-the loop runtime verification.


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